Wednesday, December 5, 2012


   Hello everyone!

I finally got my christmas gift from my husband and he made me so happy yay :).I've been into makeup for the past 4 years and accumulated a lot of makeup which all of them given to me as a gift from my husband at christmas time.I absolutely love makeup ( as I'm sure most women are) but I've only become obsessed in the last 3 or 4 years by the way thanks to my husband his wonderful makeup gifts..

 Estee lauder resilince lift extreme is great my face felt firm but still soft I love the feel and the result.Clinique concentrate is an amazing cream,i had been using this  product a few years back and great feel my face soft and looks like new love it.Clinique youth surge is one of my favorites,this moisturizer leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.
 Estee lauder Michael kors eyeshadow is perfect combination of neutrals for any color eyes.
 Donna karen cashmere whipped perfume is soft texture feels like cashmere against bare skin which is I never tried before but really loved it.

 Estee lauder skintone illuminator gives my skin a glow:it looks illuminated my face appears brighter and soft.
 Estee lauder shower gel and body creame sensuous is great love the fragrance and the silky body lotion

Esim tarifindan Sonunda bekledigim noel aslinda yeniyil hediyesi diyelim makyaj hediyelerimi aldim ve beni cok mutlu etti yasasin :) son 4 senedir makyaj saplanti halini aldi ve bircok marka biriktirdim bunlarin hemen hemen hepsi esim tarafindan noel zamaninda almis oldugum hediyeler.Kesinlikle makyaji cok kullanmasamda seviyorum eminim butun bayanlar gibi fakat bu bende saplanti halini son 3 veya 4 senedir aldi bu arada esimede bu harika hediyeleri icin cok tesekkur ediyorum :)

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