Monday, May 7, 2012

I went to Michael's arts and craft store to get an icing last week and took this picture.Michael's is one of the best stores to find cake decorating supplies.Michael's has an awesome selection of decorating supplies for making children's cakes.Michael's is currently offering four different cake decorating classes.These classes are discover cake,decorating,flowers&borders,fondant&tiered  cakes,fondant&gum paste.I can't help myself to stay all day long in the store:)

Gecen hafta Michael's a pasta kremasi almaya gittim ve bu fotografi cektim.Michael's pasta susleme malzemeleri bulabileceginiz en iyi dukkanlar'dan birisi.Cocuk pasta'si icin bulabileceginiz cok cesitli malzemelri var..Michael's in su anda pasta susleme kurslari var.Bu kurs'lar pasta yapma,susleme,cicek ve pasta kenarlari yapimi,seker hamuru ile susleme.Kendimi butun gun michaels'da bulunmaktan alamiyorum:)

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