Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My perfume and fragrance collection donna karen red delicious is light,warm,elegant yet memorable.It is not overpowering it's one of my very few fragrances i wear and love it.Michael kors very hollywood is light and casual love it too.Clinigue happy is one of my favorites is a great scent light and fresh.Michel kors island is soft and refreshing smell.Estee lauder pure white linen is great smell this is one of my favorites too light and lasts all day and this perfume is perfect for any occasion.Tommy hilfiger dreaming great smell I would surely recommend this to a younger person.Estee lauder pleasures is always get compliments i guess everyone shuold have this in their collection.Sean john unforgiveble women is sensual fragrance that is not too overhelming i really like this perfume and i would highly recommend it to anyone..Hugo boss intense i absolutely adore this scent soft,light and lingering love it.Diesel green is my very first smell i fell in love this scent over 10 years ago and still love it..

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